Demands & more

Here I want to just collect demands of the protesters in Egypt I find in the net and other media connected to the revolution I find fitting:

  • I want to show those of you who haven’t seen this wonderful picture (made me cry) taken by @NevineZaki showing Egyptian christians guarding muslims while praying during the protests:Christians guarding Muslims during prayer
  • And there is also another picture proofing that these are really Christians (notice cross on the wrist):

    Proof there are Christians guarding Muslims during prayer

    notice the cross on the guy's wrist

  • There are some powerful pictures on Flickr under the slogan „Walk like an Egyptian„. Love them!
  • Nathan Brown of Foreign Policy discusses whether to make transition in Egypt by the rulebook of the constitution or otherwise. (via @Rouelshimi)
  • Omar Kamel wrote a touching article on Facebook regarding the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in the whole thing
  • Being Chriatian myself I especially like this photo by @3arabwy showing the Egypt flag with crescent and cross, showing the unity of major religions there:
  • And here is a list of quotes, one from an Egyptian actress calling the protesters „sissies“. Maybe not the smartest thing to do…
  • Here is a list of detained human rights activists.
  • Here I found a picture of a protester holding a banner with hebrew text.
    Here’s the Hebrew letters I think to identify: 

    כל העם ריצים ויפול הראש

    The beginning seems to translate „the whole people“ and the end means „the head/beginning“, but I know only a bit of biblical Hebrew, so translations welcome.
    Update: I tried to find the words in a Hebrew dictionary today, and maybe (I am very insecure, as said, I don’t know modern Hebrew) it might say:

    „The whole people is running and the head is falling.“

    Still I wonder why this is written in Hebrew letters…

  • How brave to stand up for freedom against tyranny. How much braver if you can’t even stand up!
  • There is a site honouring those who lost their lives in the struggle for the freedom of Egypt.
  • On Sunday, Feb 6th, there was a Christian Service held on Tahrir Square. Reuters has a short video about it. They claim it was a mass, other media say it was only some kind of prayer or service, but this is details, I think.
  • There are many videos in the net on the revolution. This one I find very powerful and touching.
  • Wael @Ghonim, who has been released yesterday from detention, gave an interview.
  • The „Egyptian Blog for Human Rights“ published a sequence of communication shutdown in Egypt. Below the article, there are also links to pictures and videos from the uprising.
  • There is a video about a man in Alexandria shot by the police. CNN made a story on him, and showed also a neighbour’s video from when his body was removed.
  • More signs of the regime breaking apart.
  • Some activists are compiling a list of missing people.
  • 3arabawy has a video focusing on smaller towns (Kharga).
  • The following song (vai @Rouelshimi) seems to be something like the hymn of the revoltion. Nice melody and powerful words (and English subtitles):
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2 Antworten zu Demands & more

  1. Ines schreibt:

    Was bei diesem Bericht fehlt, sind die Bilder die Aljazeera auch zeigte: Muslime die Christen während des Gebetes schützen.
    Denn die Ägypter haben sich gegenseitig ge- und beschützt

  2. bundesbedenkentraeger schreibt:

    Glaube ich gerne. Leider hab ich solche Bilder nicht gesehen und deshalb nicht gepostet. Schick mir nen Link oder binde sie im Kommentar ein, würde mich freuen, die zu sehen.
    Mir ging es vor allem darum zu dokumentieren, daß Muslime und Christen gemeinsam protestieren, und nicht irgendwelche Bruderschaften ein islamistisches Regime errichten wollen.

    IN English for the others to follow: Ina said I missed to post fotos of mslims guarding christians throu prayer which had also been reported by Al Jazeera. I haven’t seen it there nor seen any pictures but I’d be glad to link to videos, pictures or anything reporting this. Till then I want to at least link an article on about Muslims guarding Coptic christmas mass here in the comment.

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